While huge numbers of Pit Bulls in this country are cherished family pets, many not so fortunate suffer the consequences of neglect, fighting rings, and a never ending bad rap. The ladies of Babes and Bullies are standing up for the bully breed by shining a new light on the loving and loyal breed. We are doing so by creating a calendar, volunteering at Local rescue groups and shelters, and raising money at local events put on by The​ Babes and Bullies. Albuquerque’s Animal Care Centers take in more pit bulls than any other type of dog. Nearly 25% of all the dogs impounded at both our city shelters are pit bulls and pit mixes. The vast majority of these are euthanized. 

It is the mission of the Babes and Bullies to advocate and promote awareness regarding the humane animal treatment of the bully breeds and ensure that its reputation is perceived in a positive light by correcting the myths about pit bulls & bully breeds through outreach, education, community relationships, rescue and rehabilitation.  

We are an advocacy group - not a rescue group.  Many of The Babes members are foster guardians of bully breeds and/or advocate for specific dogs to find them responsible, loving, forever homes.  

Any contributions to the Babes and Bullies are used to further our cause by publishing educational information on the breed, paying for veterinary needs of rescued bullies, and assisting local no kill rescue groups in their care of bullies prior to placement. 100% of our net proceeds are dedicated to helping bully breeds.  

We thank you dearly for your support!